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Si vous venez en vacances N’OUBLIEZ PAS votre CEAM (Carte Européene d’Assurance Maladie)

A QUOI SERT LA CARTE EUROPÉENNE D’ASSURANCE MALADIE ? La nouvelle carte européenne d’assurance maladie est un titre de garantie pour la prise en charge des soins nécessaires lors de votre séjour à l’étranger. La carte vous facilite vos déplacements car elle vous évite des démarches administratives préliminaires. La carte remplace notamment le formulaire de […]


CANCELLED – Due to unforeseen circumstances, events must be postponed until further notice. We will keep you update. MSP Easy Life on the road 🚙🌞👩‍💼 – www.msp-easylife.com It´s an honor for me to have been invited to be part of these interesting events to talk about Brexit, Residencia, Private Health Insurance… organised by Golden Leaves […]

1CaféCon… 3rd Event – Saturday, 28th of May – 11:00

RENEW UK DRIVING LICENSES Who? When? Where? What? Why? Looking for answers? Come and join us to get them  IMPORTANT: Remember to bring your DRIVING LICENSE & RESIDENCIA MÓNICA SUÁREZ – MSPeasylife PRICE: 3,50€ for  1 CAFÉ & 1 PIECE OF CAKE (Part of the proceeds will be for Gandia’s Hospice) LIMITED SEATS, please book.  At CAFÉ CORTADO’S, Calle Joan Fuster Nº6 […]

1CaféCon… 2nd Event – Saturday, 7th of May – 11:00

RENTAL AGREEMENTS Are you a LANDLORD or a TENANT? Are you going to be LANDLORD or a TENANT in the future? Do you know what RIGHTS and/or OBLIGATIONS you have? Saturday  7th May – 11:00 DÑA. ROSA LLORENS – ROSA LLORENS ABOGADOS – RENTAL AGREEMENTS (ENGLISH)   PRICE: 3,50€ for  1 CAFÉ & 1 PIECE OF CAKE (Part of the proceeds […]

1CaféCon…. 1st Event – Saturday 30th April – 11:00

  1st EVENT (in ENGLISH): Saturday 30th April – 11:00: DJUAN LUIS MILLET – NOTARIA JUAN LUIS MILLET – LAST WILL & TESTAMENT TICKET: 3,50€ for 1 CAFÉ + 1 PIECE OF CAKE (Part of the proceeds will be for Gandia’s Hospice) LIMITED SEATS ADVANCED TICKETS: CAFÉ CORTADO’S, Calle Joan Fuster Nº6 Jávea or by mail […]


TIC-TAC Non-resident income tax countdown

The deadline for the non-resident income tax declarations, December 31st, , approaches and many questions arise. Here your have, some useful answers. Am I a resident or a non-resident? If you live in Spain for more than 183 days a year then you are a resident here. Any less and you are a non-resident. As […]


Early Retirees rule change

From July 1 2014 you will no longer be able to apply for a residual S1 (formerly residual E106) under which you could currently be entitled to up to 30 months of UK-funded healthcare if you retire early to another EEA country. For further info visit, http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/Healthcareabroad/movingabroad/Pages/residual-S1-forms-for-early-retirees.aspx